When Is the Best Time to Visit a Physiotherapist in Surrey?

Did you know that about 1 in 5 adults living in Canada are suffering from undiagnosed arthritis? Unfortunately, many people live day to day thinking they can just tough out the pain instead of dealing with it. This can obviously lead to other issues later on, such as chronic pain. Arthritis isn’t the only ailment here that this happens with. General pain, injuries, and sprains are often ignored for multiple reasons as well. Luckily, these issues can be treated by visiting a physiotherapist. If you find yourself dealing with any of these ailments and are wondering “when is the best time to visit a physiotherapist in Surrey?”, keep on reading.


What Can a Physiotherapist Help With?


Before you see any type of medical professional, it’s first important to know what you’re getting into. A physiotherapist (also called a physical therapist or a physio) is a registered professional who helps patients manage pain and improve mobility, function, and flexibility. They do so by constructing coordinated movement plans for patients that will ultimately help them live better lives. These plans typically include stretches and exercises to help any given muscle or muscle group. A physiotherapist’s work can be seen as rather broad due to how much they can help with. One might even find themselves considering if they need a physiotherapist at all, especially in trivial cases such as minor pain. Here are some situations where a physio might be necessary:

  • After an accident
  • Muscle pain that doesn’t seem to get better
  • Tight muscles due to overexercise or lack of exercise
  • Disease management

Physiotherapists can also help with pain and injury prevention if you are someone prone to either.


When Is the Best Time to Visit a Physiotherapist in Surrey?


So now that you know more of what a physiotherapist can help with, when is the best time to see one? If you are experiencing any of the issues detailed above, it’s a good sign to seek out a consultation from a registered physiotherapist in Surrey immediately. In terms of when it might be absolutely necessary to make an appointment, severe cases of pain and arthritis are most crucial. It’s also highly recommended that you seek out a physiotherapist immediately after your body recovers from an accident, such as a work-related injury or a car crash. The same goes for people who just gave birth or have just had surgery.


Seeking a Physiotherapist in Surrey, BC


Getting the right treatment starts with finding the right therapist. If you find yourself confused on where to look for a qualified therapist, look no further than us here at White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. We have an incredible reputation in the area and have been one of the longest established clinics in Surrey. We employ only the best physiotherapists in Surrey who have vast knowledge and expertise in their craft. To learn more about what our therapists can do for you, please visit here.


Getting the Help You Need


Seeking out a physiotherapist in Surrey is not only ideal if you are dealing with pain, but also if you want to prevent it. Our trained therapists are the best physiotherapist in South Surrey. We craft a highly-individualized plan for you to recover and live the best, pain-free life you can imagine. Interested in starting your journey with physiotherapy? Get in contact with us here.

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