Understanding the Importance of Surgical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Thousands of Canadians have surgery every year. Surgical rehabilitation is the key to a smooth recovery. It can reduce pain, improve healing, and lower the risk of complications.

Physiotherapists are professionals who must meet standards for education and quality of care. Learn more about physiotherapy services and why they are so important.

Improve Pain Management

Many people think that physiotherapy will hurt. In fact, a physiotherapy program can reduce inflammation. It can help you manage pain with less medication.

Physiotherapy offers a long-term solution.

Physical therapy helps to improve your freedom of movement. It can boost blood and nerve flow. Reducing strain and restoring fluid movement reduces pain.

Promote Healing and Reduce Scar Tissue

Physiotherapy helps to increase blood flow to the surgical area. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients. Better circulation promotes healing.

After surgery, scar tissue is likely to form internally at the site. Scar tissue can reduce mobility and cause pain.

Surgical rehabilitation helps prevent scar tissue from forming. It can soften scar tissue that forms. It promotes better movement and flexibility while reducing pain.

Regain Strength and Mobility

A reduction in strength and mobility is common after surgery. In addition to the site of the surgery, you can lose function in other areas of your body due to inactivity. A comprehensive rehabilitation program helps you regain your overall strength and mobility.

A physiotherapist will design a program tailored to your specific needs. They’ll guide you in activities that gradually rebuild your strength. These exercises minimize the risk of re-injuring the surgical area.

Post-operative rehabilitation can include passive and active therapy.

Passive Therapy

In passive therapy, the physiotherapist or a machine moves your joint slowly. The therapist may massage and stretch your body. You relax and don’t actively take part in the movements.

Active Therapy

You participate in active therapy exercises. Exercises include stretching and strengthening the muscles around the surgical site.

This helps to restore function and strength in the surgical site. It also benefits the surrounding muscles. The physiotherapist may give you therapeutic exercises to continue at home.

Reduce the Risk of Complications

Prolonged inactivity after surgery can increase the risk of complications. Complications include blood clots, infection, or lung problems. Surgical rehabilitation lowers the chance that these problems will happen.

Movement as part of physiotherapy services helps to improve circulation. This lowers the risk of developing a blood clot. Movement promotes better heart function.

Physiotherapy exercises, like deep breathing, help prevent lung complications. Physical activity, no matter how gentle, can help you maintain lung function.

A physiotherapy program helps you focus on your body. You’re more likely to notice problems like an infection. Your physiotherapist is a medical professional who can help identify complications after surgery.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Physiotherapy can improve your quality of life during surgery recovery in many ways. Less pain and better function benefit your physical health.

Your mental health also benefits. You feel more confident. You may have more hope for the future.

Physiotherapy helps you regain independence. After surgery, you may need help with activities of daily living. This can include bathing, eating, and dressing.

Surgical rehabilitation helps you regain strength and mobility. You can do these daily tasks independently.

Choose the Right Surgical Rehabilitation Partner

Surgical rehabilitation is an essential part of your surgery recovery. A physiotherapist can help reduce pain and promote healing. You can regain strength, mobility, and independence.

Physiotherapy services benefit your physical and mental health.

The right physiotherapy clinic will help you get more from your post-operative rehabilitation. You can trust White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. We’re one of the longest-established practices in South Surrey and White Rock.

Our team has expertise in pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation. Contact White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic today. Let’s devise a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

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