Top strategies to eliminate your recurrent neck pain

You’re slaving away over your keyboard, and you notice your neck is starting to throb. But you still have this job to finish, so what do you do? What can you do other than making an appointment for a physiotherapist in Surrey? There are a few strategies you can use to help with your recurrent neck pain. From special furniture to update your glasses prescription, you can do several things to help your neck pain. Read on to get the details on these strategies to eliminate your recurrent neck pain.


Use Ergonomic Furniture

Getting an ergonomic office chair or other ergonomic furniture helps your posture and gives your back needed support. Even non-ergonomic furniture can better support you if you use the headrest to keep your body straight. Make sure your eyes are even with the computer monitor whatever you sit on, and you will minimize damage to your neck!


Try Physical Therapy

While physical therapy is associated with recovering from an injury, you can see a physiotherapist in Surrey as a preventative solution as well. Therapy can help correct poor posture and can uncover other potential problems. Therapy can help you make or correct bad habits that lead to neck pain, such as stretches that can relieve your neck pain. Physiotherapy is an important part of both recovery and prevention. Don’t be afraid of scheduling an appointment to see physiotherapists in Surrey! It may help in ways you never thought of.


Change Positions

Staying in one fixed position can lead to stiffness and pain. Make sure you get up and move around once an hour and you’ll keep your neck from getting stuck. Change up how you sit occasionally, and you’ll feel better, as long as you keep your posture correct! This is a simple way to help your recurrent neck pain, and it’s free! You might find a position that feels better than you normally use. Plus you are helping keep your posture on point!


Update Your Prescription Glasses

When your prescription is out of date, you either lean forward or lean back to see better. If you notice this, get an appointment to update your glasses prescription, and you will prevent multiple problems. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, all can be at least mitigated by keeping your prescription updated.


Sleep With Better Pillows

Get a pillow made to support your neck to not only help back pain but to get a better night’s sleep. A bad pillow can stop you from getting the sleep you need, and the support your neck needs overnight. Keep your neck supported with a supportive pillow.


Get Your Physiotherapist In Surrey

If you have chronic neck pain, there are several ways you can help, including seeing a physiotherapist in Surrey. You don’t have to suffer from chronic neck pain. Did you like this article? Read more on the White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic blog and make an appointment today.

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