Things to Consider Before Visiting a Physiotherapy Clinic: The First Appointment

The average physiotherapy clinic sees between 100 and 200 patients per week. Many patients are familiar with physical therapy. But most have never been to a physiotherapy clinic themself. When you are starting your treatment or rehabilitation protocol, it can be scary when you don’t know what to expect. The reality is that attending physio can be one of the most helpful choices you make during your recovery. The physiotherapist clinic contains a variety of special machines and treatments. These are all geared toward getting you back to the life you want. In this article, we will walk you through what to expect from the physiotherapist. We’ll explain what your first physiotherapy appointment may look like, so keep reading below!


The First Appointment at the Physiotherapy Clinic


When you arrive for the first appointment with your physiotherapist, they will bring you into an office and ask you several questions. They want to know information about your strength, range of motion, and baseline activities. They may ask you about your pain or your injury and when it started. They will likely ask you if you have tried to receive other treatment before or been to physical therapy in the past. They will also want to know what your goals for treatment are so that they can best assist you. Then, they will perform several physical tests to see the mobility of your extremities or spine. The physiotherapist also looks for swelling and any tenderness to palpation on specific regions of your musculoskeletal system.


What Treatment Will Look Like


Now they will have a sense of your diagnosis and goals for treatment. The actual treatment itself will take place over several sessions starting that day or at the next visit. There are usually specific exercises that are performed in the clinic during the visit, and the physiotherapist may prescribe a home exercise program as well. Part of your treatment may include heat or electro-physical agents which are nonpainful ways to boost therapeutic value. At the end of the day, your physiotherapist wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed so you can simply focus on your recovery and getting back to normal. They will work with all levels of conditioning to get you back toward your goals.


Consider Physiotherapy at White Rock Sports Physio


Physiotherapy is a targeted treatment designed to help you get back to the activities you enjoyed before. Going to a physiotherapy clinic should not be scary. All physiotherapist professionals will do their best to treat you with kindness and compassion. They won’t push you past your limits. If you are interested in attending a physiotherapy clinic in Surrey, please consider working with us! At White Rock Sports Physio, we provide top-tier physiotherapy services to patients in our corner of British Columbia. Please contact us today if you would like to set up an appointment with one of our providers.

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