Rehab After Surgery: Why You Need It

surgical rehabilitation

Surgery is often unavoidable for some illnesses or injuries. The success of the surgery depends on proper care taken post-surgery to regain your strength and avoid complications. Physical therapy after surgery helps you recover and heal faster and more completely with reduced risk of complications. Rehabilitation ensures that you learn an efficient way to take care of yourself after surgery. Your physiotherapist will recommend some exercises that will help make your muscles stronger and heal your body post-surgery. Count on White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic for a comprehensive set of surgical rehabilitation services in the South Surrey and White Rock area. We also offer specialized rehabilitation and treatment programs for childhood injuries, neck and back injuries and sports injuries.

Why Rehab is Important After Surgery

Rehabilitation after surgery can speed up recovery and enhance healing. Inactivity can lead to atrophy, whereas strenuous physical activity can lead to overexertion. Rehab tends to strike a balance between these activities and helps you gain the strength required to heal. It will include customized exercises and massage therapy that will improve your recovery, taking into account your medical conditions. Depending on your surgery, it might take a few weeks or months to completely heal your body. Multiple factors such as the injury and your progression for physical therapy will decide the time required for complete rehabilitation. Rehab after surgery helps in:

  • Proper blood circulation
  • Improving body posture and helps gain muscle strength
  • Improving self-care techniques for daily physical tasks
  • Improving mobility and functional independence
  • Reducing pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Restoring lost mobility, strength and functional independence
  • Promoting optimal healing
  • Preventing further injury and premature ageing 

The type of rehabilitation you receive will depend on your surgery. Your emotional health is also considered when recovering from surgery. Some techniques used in rehabilitation are:

1.      Therapeutic Exercises

Physical therapy will help build your muscle strength. Some therapeutic exercises can also help with your motor skills and ease the pain.

2.      Balance and Coordination

After surgery, you might find it difficult to perform certain tasks that require coordination. These exercises help improve your balance and coordination so that you can return to your everyday tasks as soon as possible.

3.      Pulmonary Rehabilitation

To improve your breathing techniques after lung surgery, your physiotherapist might suggest some changes in your exercise regime that help build your endurance to increase your oxygen levels.

Tips to Help With Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Your post-surgery life can be improved by following the recommended rehabilitation plan. Here are some tips to regain proper health with rehab:

  • Take medications and supplements as advised by your doctor or pharmacist
  • Make sure you perform all the exercises recommended by your physiotherapist. Avoid overdoing the exercises as it might affect the recovery
  • After the surgery, icing can help reduce pain and inflammation. If you are not comfortable with the cold, make sure to use a cloth while applying ice
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake as this might slow down the healing process
  • Ensure you include a healthy diet to aid your recovery

During surgical rehabilitation, your physiotherapist will examine your medical history to understand your physical strength, balance and motor skills. Based on these assessments, you will be given a set of simple exercises and therapies that will help you perform your day-to-day tasks. Get in touch with White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic for post-surgical rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists are experienced and provide rehabilitation programs for total hip replacements, knee replacements, rotator cuff repair and Achilles repair. We also offer physiotherapy treatments to reduce back pain and shoulder pain.

Contact us today for complete surgical and injury rehabilitation services.

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