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Knee injuries are extremely painful and can adversely affect your ability to continue playing your favourite sports and carry out daily activities with ease. We can help you with ways to prevent injuries by suggesting equipment like knee braces. You can consider this equipment for pain management and injury prevention in the future. Visit White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic if you have been experiencing knee pain.

We provide all types of orthopaedic supplies that will help you prevent injuries and thus, if you are experiencing any discomfort or unexplained pain in your knee, contact us before it is too late. Whether you are an athlete or a trekker, knee braces can improve mobility by providing joint support and be of great help when it comes to injury prevention. Count on our specialists to provide you with the guidance, advice and equipment you will need in order to prevent injuries.

Benefit Chiropractic :

Treatment Program

As part of your treatment program, our clinic will provide you with injury prevention education to help you avoid new injuries or prevent a recurrence of the old ones. You will learn about the impact that your body movements and fitness level have on your injury-risk level

This program may involve:

  • Use of braces or supports
  • Education on body mechanics and proper posture
  • Ongoing exercises to help manage pain symptoms
  • Training to properly complete work-related tasks
  • Fitness testing to assess core stability, balance and muscle strength


If you would like to have an assessment and/or receive treatment for a recent or a recurring injury, please give us a call to make an appointment.

How Do Knee Braces Help in Injury Prevention?

With our post-injury and post-surgery treatment programs, we may recommend using protective equipment for the prevention of injuries in the future. South Surrey residents can greatly benefit from the use of equipment like knee braces, which can help with injury prevention or any other circumstance, including ACL instabilities, arthritis pain and more. While a number of knee injuries can negatively impact your daily activities or athletic training, we offer equipment such as knee braces in South Surrey which will not only help you recover quickly but also prevent you from injuring your knee in the future. Depending on your injury and your lifestyle, our registered physiotherapists will recommend different kinds of protective and preventive equipment to you.

Our knee braces are useful for injury prevention for a number of people- from athletes who rely on quick movements to those with more minimal daily activities. They can help stabilize your knee, redistribute weight off your injured leg and prevent hyperextension of your knee. We also have equipment that provides total ligament support which will protect your ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL from further injury. We have models that are designed to fully support your entire knee in post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation.

Orthopaedic Supplies

We have a large inventory of orthopaedic supplies that can be prescribed to you in order to ensure a speedy recovery and prevent any injuries in future. The orthopaedic supplies we offer include:

  • Aircast Ankle splints
  • Aircast Walking Boot:
    • Short – Foot fracture / injuries
    • Long – Ankle and lower leg injuries
  • Ossur / Generation II Knee Braces:
    • Post-op Rehab ROM knee brace
    • Unloader brace
  • iBrace:
    • Custom stabilizing brace
    • Custom unloader brace
  • Splint / Bracing for:
    • Back/Spinal injuries
    • Clavicle Fracture
    • Postural training
    • Wrist injuries
    • Thumb injuries
    • Shin Splints
    • Stress Fractures
    • Ligament Tears / Sprains

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At our clinic, we also offer sports physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise to improve our patients’ mobility. If you are looking for equipment in South Surrey that will help with injury prevention in the future, contact us today for knee braces in South Surrey.


In order to help you with recovery and provide you with support for injury prevention, we use only the best-in-class orthopaedic brands, including:

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