How Physiotherapy Can Help With Arthritis Management and Pain Relief

Did you know that there are six million Canadians that suffer from arthritis? If you are one of those that Canadians that suffer from it, know that there are ways to combat it. One of those ways is to undergo physiotherapy in Surrey. Why should you do this to try to get arthritis relief? This guide goes over some of the biggest benefits.

Build Strength

One of the biggest things that physiotherapy can do for you if you have arthritis is to help build strength. Arthritis causes certain joints to feel swollen. As a result, you may feel weaker than you did before suffering from this condition. Physiotherapy can provide relief to those joints and help you build up your strength. Once you start doing that, you can work on fitting in regular exercise as part of your treatment. From there, you have to keep exercising consistently to help build up strength and stamina. This should help you build up a tolerance for lifting more weight and tolerating minor pain from that if done right. Physical health can be a big issue for Canadians, considering that 13% of the population openly admits that their physical health is in decline. However, that does not mean that you give up. Going through physiotherapy can help save you from the full effects of this decline such as having an arthritis condition.

Relieving Pain

Physiotherapy offers some non-traditional ways of relieving pain. One of these ways is to use acupuncture to try to relieve that pain. What this does is it attempts to put your mind in a place where you feel like you can relax. Then, the acupuncturist targets certain joints that they believe are causing your pain. While there is no hard scientific data to prove this, the results claim to help deal with the pain in those joint areas. However, it is also recommended that you put ice packs on the parts of your body where arthritis impacts you the most.

Improve Your Mental Health

Mentally, you may get depressed or detached from certain aspects of life if you think you cannot do physical activities that you used to be able to do. If you develop a condition like arthritis, mental health can come into play because you can feel like your body is more fragile than before. Mental health is already an issue among general Canadians. About 20% of Canadians suffer from mental illness. Arthritis can cause feelings of insecurity that lead to anxiety. If you are dealing with severe pain along with that, it can grow into depression because it can effect your outlook on life. Physiotherapy can help train you to do more physical activities with arthritis. Once you learn how to do this, you can gain more confidence, security, and optimism when it comes to your physical health.

Get Physiotherapy in Surrey

These are just a couple of the biggest benefits that you receive for your arthritis and pain. Getting physiotherapy in Surrey allows you to build your strength back up and make your body less fragile to arthritis. Things that are part of the physiotherapy process like using ice packs and acupuncture can help relieve your pain as well. On top of this, exercise can release endorphins in your body to improve your mental health as well as gain confidence. Are you ready to get started? Reach out to White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic here to get started.

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