Common Sports Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

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Sports injuries usually happen due to overtraining, failing technique and deficiency of conditioning. If you don’t warm up before training, it can lead to critical sports injuries such as sprains, muscle tears and broken bones. At White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide personalized advanced treatment for sports injuries. The services at our sports injury clinic include physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, injury prevention with bracing and therapeutic exercise.

Five Sports Injuries You Need To Look Out For


1.      Tennis / Golf Elbow


This is commonly experienced by athletes who have to engage in gripping activities. Repetitive actions tend to inflame the tendons of the forearm which can make it really difficult for you to move your hand and wrist. Oftentimes athletes complain about not having enough strength to get a grip. Doctors prescribe braces and anti-inflammatory medication for tennis/golf elbow. A physical therapist can help reduce pain and stiffness and help regain functionl strength and mobilty in your arm and hand.


2.      Sciatica


This is a kind of back pain that starts from the lower back through your hips and down the legs. It can cause tingling, a burning sensation and a certain numbness in your leg. This injury is often seen in athletes with a flexed forward posture such as cyclists and golfers. Stretching techniques with a focus on core stabilization exercises can help ease the pain and prevent progressive worsening of the condition. If you feel the numbness and tingling for more than a week, consult with a sports injury clinic immediately to get professional help.


3.      Patellofemoral Syndrome


This is one of the most common sports injuries. A sudden fall on the knees can cause severe muscle imbalance. This can cause major swelling and knee pain. Ice and rest can help you balance the swelling and knee pain. Thereafter, you need to try gentle isometric and strengthening exercises for your inner thigh muscles. If the problems continue after two weeks, consult a professional physiotherapist immediately for a speedy recovery.


4.      Groin Pull


Also known as groin strain, this injury causes the muscles near the groin, that is the upper inner thigh muscles, to strain. This usually happens due to lack of flexibility. You might face issues with lateral movement following the injury. The treatment to groin pull is icing at regular intervals of 20-25 minutes in the first 72 hours with ample bed rest. After that you can try doing gentle progressive stretching exercises. Seek professional help for best results.


5.      ACL or PCL (Anterior or Posterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear

        MCL or LCL (Medial or Lateral Collateral Ligament ) Tear

Instability while walking and swelling in the knee are common symptoms of an ACL tear. Ligament tear on the inside of the knee can have serious outcomes. An ACL tear often requires surgery and a recovery period of a few months along with physical therapy rehabilitation. It is best that you get medical assistance immediately if this happens to you.   

Immediate assessment and treatnent with appropriate bracing  is recommended for all significant knee ligament tears.     


Make sure to hydrate yourself properly and  warm up before, with some degree of stretching before and after playing any sport.  Contact our sports injury clinic, White Rock Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, for sports physiotherapy services!

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